Very Large Networks (100–1000 nodes)



Number of nodes: 223
Number of arcs: 338
Number of parameters: 1157
Average Markov blanket size: 5.61
Average degree: 3.03
Maximum in-degree: 6

BIF (3.9kB)
DSC (3.7kB)
NET (2.9kB)
RDA ( (6.2kB)
RDS ( (6.2kB)

C. Conati, A. S. Gertner, K. VanLehn, M. J. Druzdzel. On-line Student Modeling for Coached Problem Solving Using Bayesian Networks. In Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on User Modeling, pages 231-242. Springer-Verlag, 1997.


Number of nodes: 413
Number of arcs: 602
Number of parameters: 429409
Average Markov blanket size: 3.97
Average degree: 2.92
Maximum in-degree: 2

BIF (253kB)
DSC (238kB)
NET (137kB)
RDA ( (200kB)
RDS ( (200kB)

S. Andreassen, R. Hovorka, J. Benn, K. G. Olesen, and E. R. Carson. A Model-based Approach to Insulin Adjustment. In Proceedings of the 3rd Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, pages 239-248. Springer-Verlag, 1991.


Number of nodes: 724
Number of arcs: 1125
Number of parameters: 14211
Average Markov blanket size: 4.8
Average degree: 3.11
Maximum in-degree: 3

BIF (9.1kB)
DSC (9.3kB)
NET (8.3kB)
RDA ( (17.8kB)
RDS ( (17.8kB)

C. S. Jensen and A. Kong. Blocking Gibbs Sampling for Linkage Analysis in Large Pedigrees with Many Loops. The American Journal of Human Genetics, 65(3):885-901, 1999. Also, Research Report R-96-2048, Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University, 1996.

MUNIN (subnetwork #1)

Number of nodes: 186
Number of arcs: 273
Number of parameters: 15622
Average Markov blanket size: 3.81
Average degree: 2.94
Maximum in-degree: 3

BIF #1 (28kB)
DSC #1 (25kB)
NET #1 (21kB)
RDA ( #1 (34kB)
RDS ( #1 (34kB)

S. Andreassen, F. V. Jensen, S. K. Andersen, B. Falck, U. Kjærulff, M. Woldbye, A. R. Sørensen, A. Rosenfalck, and F. Jensen. MUNIN - an Expert EMG Assistant. In Computer-Aided Electromyography and Expert Systems, Chapter 21. Elsevier (Noth-Holland), 1989.


Number of nodes: 109
Number of arcs: 195
Number of parameters: 72079
Average Markov blanket size: 3.82
Average degree: 3.58
Maximum in-degree: 5

BIF (119kB)
DSC (81kB)
NET (19kB)
RDA ( (34kB)
RDS ( (34kB)

D. Heckerman, E. Horwitz, and B. Nathwani. Towards Normative Expert Systems: Part I. The Pathfinder Project. Methods of Information in Medicine, 31:90-105, 1992.


Number of nodes: 441
Number of arcs: 592
Number of parameters: 5618
Average Markov blanket size: 3.66
Average degree: 2.68
Maximum in-degree: 2

BIF (5.9kB)
DSC (6.1kB)
NET (5.7kB)
RDA ( (11kB)
RDS ( (11kB)

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